Compassionate Communities (Co Co)


A social initiative that brings our community together

'A close neighbour is better than a distant relative'

Make a difference

We at Radbrook Green Surgery want to build a social, compassionate community and we need your help.

Many people in your local area become isolated due to illness and social circumstances.  These vulnerable members in our community are at risk of being admitted to hospital and losing their independence.

Compassionate Communities (CoCo) is a social initiative originally set up by the Severn Hospice.  CoCo aims to strengthen communities by offering a befriending service to those most vulnerable to loneliness.

Do you think you could spare an hour a week to help keep these people healthy and happy in their own homes?

Would you be interested in:

  • Visiting and befriending
  • Giving someone a good morning call
  • Going for a walk together
  • Playing cards or chess
  • Helping with errands
  • Gardening or dog walking
  • Helping with shopping / prescriptions

Or help behind the scenes:

  • Fundraising
  • Administrative work

We aim to match your hobbies and interests with those in need so everyone has a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

If this is something you would like to get involved in and would like more information, please contact Gemma Yapp, our CoCo Co-ordinator on 01743 231817.

Please note: this is not a role involving care work, for example washing or dressing.

Bereavement Support / ME Support Groups

The Practice also offers a small Bereavement Support Group and ME Support group.  If you feel you would benefit from joining either of these groups please call Annette on 01743 231817.